Kotkamills pilot finished

Aerial image of Kotkamills pulp mill. Usage by courtesy of Kotkamills.

We have finished our pilot project at Kotkamills. Our results show that our wood moisture and density analyzer (W-MOD) can operate online at a pulp mill.

At the start of the project, we had a few challenges: Sub-zero temperatures caused vaulting of our sampling system, moisture caused electronics to misfunction, and environmental electromagnetic radiation interfered with our signal. Therefore, during the first months of the pilot, we updated W-MOD for an enhanced operation in factory conditions.

After the hardware modifications, we measured wood moisture with <1% standard deviation accuracy. Higher accuracy cannot be proven, because contemporary oven drying laboratory measurements have an accuracy of ≈1%.

Our measurements were not affected by changes in wood type, wood dust size, or frozen material. During the last months of our pilot, we measured moisture continuously with temperatures fluctuating between -20 and 30C.

Read more about our W-MOD here.

45 samples comparing B-MOD measurement with laboratory measurement.
Comparison of 5 and 10 minute W-MOD measurement with laboratory measurement. Particle size and sample ice do not affect the measurement. Black points represent laboratory measurements with error-margin of ±2%-points.

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